“There was never a business plan. It was an exploration of design and before I knew it we had orders to fulfill and a brand that needed its’ own identity.”
Natalia Maldonado Alvarado


The story is not a common one. The events that perspire seem to reminisce of a tale of destiny and to some, even a happy coincidence of luck. Started simply as an eloquent gift giving process that included close family and relatives. Natalia Maldonado and Victor Alejandro Alvarado stumbled into a world of creative processes and high demand orders, all with one simple table and one creative muse. Setting up a shop, for a one time sales idea during the San Sebastian Street & Art Festival, they had sold out over the weekend and were begging to get orders for more bracelets and jewelry.

By early June of 2013, LULÚ by Natalia was born into a full jewelry and accessory line that has been taking the Caribbean cultured island of Puerto Rico by storm. Launching there first mayor sales at The Pen Shoppe inside the retail haven that is Plaza Las Americas. Everything she designs has a heart, a pulse and a communion her passion for sailing. It creates a connection to adventure and even the knots are from nautical inspirations.

Well into her architectural thesis project at the same year, she had logged in more than 3,000 hours designing with her computer based architectural program and decided earlier that year, that she was going to make the program do something more than it was designed for. When the brand capacity hit a threshold the summer of 2013, Victor knew it was going to take a full time effort to manage this emerging brand, that they somehow started on a weekend sale.

The couple is the literal embodiment of balance and poise. Both are veteran sea borne navigators of adventure and nature. Hard-raised into the nautical seamanship and passion for adventure they are now embarking on bringing what they love from their own travels and childhood to a wide audience of customers who are looking for more than just jewelry. They want a piece of the adventure as well.

 This young architectural muse is more than just another designer. She is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, she's redefining the way jewelry is worn and the way it’s designed. Her husband Victor is the head accountant and brand relations sales manager whose thrown himself into the mix fulltime since their wedding in September 2014. His business sense is the backbone helping give the LULÚ by Natalia brand a strong sense of proper accounting and social responsibility. Her designs where also chosen as part of the 2013-2014 Fondos Unidos campaign to commemorate active change within our communities and the need for a global awareness.

LULÚ by Natalia is more than a brand, more than a company, it is an emerging journey that these young entrepreneurs are taking together and doing so with style and a tenacity only matched by their devotion to one another. The couple still finds time for there weekend sail trips together. Balancing the impulse of Natalia need to design and Victor’s desire to help inspire they need these weekends to recharge their minds and hearts in unison.


“ We still take our boat trips and find our moments. I get overzealous looking for new ideas while on the boat but then I realize where I am. I’m with my husband and we just need to go sailing.” says the young devoted designer.


The launch of the brand new collection and new website mark a turning point for LULÚ by Natalia. The potential is as endless as its’ source of inspiration… a love for adventure on the high seas.



Fondos Unidos

We are in the business of doing good and shopping with meaning. We felt honored to be chosen to design the bracelet for the Fondos Unidos 2013-14 campaing. We hope to inspire others to find a cause, any good cause, as long as it’s in benefit of others and make part of your life. That’s how we’re really going to achieve a positive change in our communities.


Lisa Thon "Zensorial" S/S '14 at Puerto Rico High Fashion Week 2013

“Zensorial” es el título de la segunda estampa de la propuesta para la próxima temporada de Lisa Thon. De una forma muy geométrica la diseñadora adaptó una serie de patrones y estampados totalmente multicolor. Thon añadió que sus piezas están diseñadas para la mujer coqueta que cada una cultiva en su interior. Las prendas fueron de la línea LULÚ by Natalia Maldonado. La joven diseñadora estudiante de Arquitectura, confeccionó los accesorios exclusivamente para la colección “Zensorial” en la que predominaron las perlas y piedras coloridas.


San Juan Moda

La diseñadora Lisa Thon presentó su propuesta para primavera/verano 2014. Titulada “Zensorial”, significa que se entrelazan los sentidos con el proceso de meditación que cada ser humano debe tener para lograr el balance perfecto en la vida. La pasarela estuvo llena de estampados en colores brillantes y neutros. Cada pieza fue adornada con enormes collares y pulseras en piedras semi preciosas y perlas, diseñadas por