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“There was never a business plan. It was an exploration of design and before I knew it we had orders to fulfill and a brand that needed its’ own identity.”
Natalia Maldonado Alvarado

The story is not a common one. The events that perspire seem to reminisce of a tale of destiny and to some, even a happy coincidence of luck. Started simply as an eloquent gift giving process that included close family and relatives. Natalia Maldonado and Victor Alejandro Alvarado stumbled into a world of creative processes and high demand orders, all with one simple table and one creative muse. Setting up a shop, for a one time sales idea during the San Sebastian Street & Art Festival, they had sold out over the weekend and were begging to get orders for more bracelets and jewelry. By early June of 2013, LULÚ by Natalia was born into a full jewelry and accessory line that has been taking the Caribbean cultured island of Puerto Rico by storm. It creates a connection to adventure and even the knots are from nautical inspirations.

The couple is the literal embodiment of balance and poise. Both are veteran sea borne navigators of adventure and nature. Hard-raised into the nautical seamanship and passion for adventure they are now embarking on bringing what they love from their own travels and childhood to a wide audience of customers who are looking for more than just jewelry. They want a piece of the adventure as well.

 This young architectural muse is more than just another designer. She is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, she's redefining the way jewelry is worn and the way it’s designed. Her husband Victor is the head accountant and brand relations sales manager whose thrown himself into the mix fulltime since their wedding in September 2014. His business sense is the backbone helping give the LULÚ by Natalia brand a strong sense of proper accounting and social responsibility. Her designs where also chosen as part of the 2013-2014 Fondos Unidos campaign to commemorate active change within our communities and the need for a global awareness.

LULÚ by Natalia is more than a brand, more than a company, it is an emerging journey that these young entrepreneurs are taking together and doing so with style and a tenacity only matched by their devotion to one another. The couple still finds time for there weekend sail trips together. Balancing the impulse of Natalia need to design and Victor’s desire 


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Aileen R.

Our son saw your store at the Mall of San Juan, and purchased an anchor pendant necklace. When we went to pick it up, my husband fell in love with your bracelet and bought it. Since then our sons went back and bought some for them. Friends are complimenting and asking about your jewelry. Congratulations. You are an example of an entrepreneurial and creative couple. We wish you further success.

margarita cartaya

Natalia y Victor espero que tengan el mejor exito de mundo su collecion esta preciosa. Todavia no e comprado pues lo acabo de ver pero definitivamente comprare. Tu Padre y yo estudiamos junto en La Piedad y lo vi postiado en su pagina de FB. Les deseo todo el exito del mundo y espero que se puedan expander para aca en USA. Mucha suerte y saludos. Maggie Cartaya

Luz Maria Rosario Esquilin

me facina la colecion..

Angie Rosa

¡Éxito Natalia y Victor! Me encanta la colección . Chévere verte en Boom.

Angel Rafaél Cestero

This is the first time that I found out about your jewelry, and for what I’ve seen, it looks lovely, especially the “hook” & the “sailing ring”!!!
Hopefully your website can show me more art pieces and I can become a future client.
Thank you!

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